Procurement and Contract Management


Developing Specifications for Excellence


This 1 day course is designed to assist Local Governments and Contract Managers in Western Australia to:
  • demonstrate a systemised, practical step-by-step process to developing a fit for purpose SOW/SOR for any purchase
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of different people involved in developing SOW/SOR
  • share practical experiences among the members of the group through participation, discussion and group problem solving
  • progress an actual live request statement of requirements to a point where the participant is confident he/she can complete it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Procurement and Contract Essentials


Western Australia's Local Governments spend approximately $4 billion worth of goods and services each year. It is important that they receive and deliver best value to the community. As the custodians of ratepayer funds, the need for transparency at all stages of the procurement process is essential.

WALGA is committed to assisting Members to achieve best practice in all aspects of procurement, including building procurement capacity. It is vital for Members to have a thorough understanding of procurement in Local Government in order to meet Local Governments’ obligations under the Local Government Act, whilst serving its ratepayers.

This introductory course is designed to assist officers to address issues and raise the bar in improving all aspects of their procurement and contract management performance.

Procurement & Contract Essentials tailors modern leading contract management practice, specifically for contract managers in the Western Australian Local Government context.

This practical training is designed for all those in Local Government who have contract management responsibilities, and would like to improve their understanding and practice. Topics covered include an introduction to contracts, your roles and responsibilities, types of legislation and procurement processes.