Procurement and Contract Management


Procurement - Contract Management Fundamentals


Procurement - Contract Management Fundamentals is an introductory course in procurement for Local Government Managers and Officers. The training has been designed specifically for individuals who are new to, or requiring an update in, the undertaking of procurement and contract management in their role in WA Local Government.

This one day workshop will provide participants with an introduction to legislative provisions and practices relating to procurement and contract management in WA Local Government.

Procurement - Developing Specifications for Excellence


This workshop is designed to help any person tasked with the responsibility of capturing and documenting the requirements associated with a procurement effort:
  • Procurement personnel
  • Scope writers
  • Technical/field personnel
  • Reviewers and management

Procurement - Early Bird


Procurement - Planning and Introduction to Specification Writing


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Robust analysis of the market and your requirement is key to ensuring good contractual outcomes.

This course will focus in detail on the critical steps associated with planning for successful contracts.

Addressing key areas including: understanding the supply market, risk management, and procurement methodology, this course will provide skills, processes and thought bubbles to follow to assist those Officers involved in all aspects of the preparation of procurement activities.

The second day focusses on developing, assessing and guiding others in preparing a procurement requirement that is fit for purpose.

Procurement - Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Contract Award


It’s decision time. This course teaches you the skills and provides tools to put the principles of good public procurement into practice. Topics covered will ensure you can develop an evaluation strategy, use it to recommend the best option or review recommendations to accept a tender / quote.

Have an opportunity to get hands-on experience developing your own customised selection criteria to ensure your Local Government engages the most advantageous supplier.

Learn about different evaluation and scoring methodologies which are suited to different types of procurement activities, and how the weighting of criteria can impact the recommendation.

Build your awareness of different contract establishment processes, and the parameters within which negotiation can occur before entering into a contract.

Procurement and Contract Essentials


This course is designed to assist Local Governments and Contract Managers to address issues and raise the bar in improving all aspects of their contract management performance. Managing Contracts tailors modern leading contract management practice specifically for contract managers in the Western Australian Local Government context.

This practical training is designed for all those in Local Government who have contract management responsibilities, and would like to improve their understanding and practice.