Emergency Management Courses


Community Disaster Recovery for Local Government


Because Community Disaster Recovery is an extremely sensitive, timely and complex task, it is vitally important that prior thought and planning is undertaken to ready your Local Government to best to assist your community when help is most needed the most, in a period of trauma.

The resultant preparation will provide a solid framework to prepare the resilient community and greatly minimise the harm that can come from poor post-event recovery.  
This course will exercise, recovery group management, pre-event recovery planning, processes, the benefit of engaging with your community and an appreciation of the resources available to you.

This course is a must for Local Governments, to confidently understand and undertake the legislative responsibility to best serve their communities in their hour of greatest need.

Emergency Management for Local Government


This course explores contemporary emergency management concepts and how these apply to your Local Government, within the West Australian framework.

We will explore in detail, your responsibilities under the current WA Emergency Management Act (2005) and other State doctrine, along with an applied understanding of the most practical ways to manage those obligations.

More importantly we will explore how staff and Elected Members, are so critically important to establishing sound organisational knowledge prior to an emergency. Should disasters occur, our prior planning, training and readiness, will support and encourage sound leadership when the community needs it most, in their hour of greatest need.

Recovery Coordinators Course for Local Government


Under current legislation ( Emergency Management Act 2005) Local Governments must appoint a recovery coordinator, to coordinate and manage the recovery process following disasters and emergencies.

In this course we explore what it means to be a recovery coordinator, including pre-event planning towards the establishment of contemporary and established systems and processes, in readiness for Local Government to confidently and proficiently manage this critical and rarely practiced function.
This course will focus on and build from, the principles (National Disaster Recovery Principles) and values that should be considered, while applying sound leadership and guidance to impacted communities.

Having an applied practice of working within effected communities in community disaster recovery for over 15 years, your trainer will emphasise the importance of working ‘with’ your community to better enable effective and appropriate recovery.