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Emergency Management for Local Government


This course explores contemporary emergency management concepts and how these apply to your Local Government, within the West Australian framework.

We will explore in detail, your responsibilities under the current WA Emergency Management Act (2005) and other State doctrine, along with an applied understanding of the most practical ways to manage those obligations.

More importantly we will explore how staff and Elected Members, are so critically important to establishing sound organisational knowledge prior to an emergency. Should disasters occur, our prior planning, training and readiness, will support and encourage sound leadership when the community needs it most, in their hour of greatest need.


Target Audience:

CEOs, Elected Members, Managers and Officers who would like to enhance their role in emergency management and/or learn more about the preparation and planning requirements for Local Government under the Emergency Management Act 2005.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Coordinate the establishment and ongoing activities of a Local Emergency Management Committee;
  • Contribute to the development and testing of Local Emergency Management Plans;
  • Identify key emergency recovery roles/positions relevant to the Local Recovery Plan; and
  • Identify relevant emergency recovery financial sources

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