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Recovery Coordinators Course for Local Government

Under current legislation ( Emergency Management Act 2005) Local Governments must appoint a recovery coordinator, to coordinate and manage the recovery process following disasters and emergencies.

In this course we explore what it means to be a recovery coordinator, including pre-event planning towards the establishment of contemporary and established systems and processes, in readiness for Local Government to confidently and proficiently manage this critical and rarely practiced function.
This course will focus on and build from, the principles (National Disaster Recovery Principles) and values that should be considered, while applying sound leadership and guidance to impacted communities.

Having an applied practice of working within effected communities in community disaster recovery for over 15 years, your trainer will emphasise the importance of working ‘with’ your community to better enable effective and appropriate recovery.


Target Audience:

This two day course is imperative for anyone charged with this responsibility, or is in any way in a position of support for the local recovery coordinator.  Elected Members would benefit from this training also, to fully appreciate the benefits of focussed Community Recovery Planning, including the value of their leadership role that would be fundamentally important to a rapid and effective recovery of their communities, from an emergency event.

Learning Outcomes:

  • As a result of completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Prepare, maintain and test the Local Recovery Plan;
  • Undertake the role of the Local Recovery Coordinator, including ensuring ongoing continuous improvement and redundancy to the position;
  • Coordinate the establishment and activities of a Local Recovery Coordinating on Group (LRCG); and
  • Coordinate local recovery activities following a particular event, as directed by the Local Government.

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