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Community Disaster Recovery for Local Government

Because Community Disaster Recovery is an extremely sensitive, timely and complex task, it is vitally important that prior thought and planning is undertaken to ready your Local Government to best to assist your community when help is most needed the most, in a period of trauma.

The resultant preparation will provide a solid framework to prepare the resilient community and greatly minimise the harm that can come from poor post-event recovery.  
This course will exercise, recovery group management, pre-event recovery planning, processes, the benefit of engaging with your community and an appreciation of the resources available to you.

This course is a must for Local Governments, to confidently understand and undertake the legislative responsibility to best serve their communities in their hour of greatest need.


Target Audience:

CEOs, Elected Members, Managers and Officers who would like to enhance their role in emergency management and/or learn more about the recovery requirements for Local Government under the Emergency Management Act 2005.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify phases of recovery and key agencies using a Local Recovery Plan;
  • Coordinate the establishment and activities of a Local Recovery Coordinating Group, the key positions and functions;
  • Identify and undertake key tasks as a Local Recovery Coordinator; and
  • Coordinate relevant emergency recovery financial arrangements.

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