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Infrastructure Asset Management

The key to your Council’s financial wellbeing,
Infrastructure assets such as roads, drainage and buildings represent a significant capital cost to Local Government and these must be maintained over their life and eventually replaced.
  • Not managing infrastructure assets effectively results in:
  • poor level of service to the community (more complaints to Elected Members);
  • increase in user costs;
  • decline in economic activity (loss of people, industries, community facilities);
  • increase in maintenance costs;
  • large funding needs in the future to renew aged assets;
  • increase in personal injury and property damage incidents; and
  • increase in risk exposure and liability claims.


Target Audience:

Suitable for all Elected Members.

Learning Outcomes:

  • identify the risks associated with the management of infrastructure assets;
  • understand the life cycle costs of infrastructure assets;
  • identify the revenue gap; and
  • develop a plan for financial sustainability.

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