Council Member Essentials

Conflicts of Interest


The Conflicts of Interest course provides council members with an understanding of financial, indirect-financial, proximity and impartially interest; disclosure of interests at meetings; and the association between gifts and conflicts of interests. Participants should be able to identify potential and actual conflicts of interest and understand their obligations in relation to declaring interests.

Meeting Procedures


Meeting Procedures is designed to be a practical tool for council members who are required to actively participate in council and committee meetings. This course should focus on increasing the participant’s knowledge of meeting procedures and high-level debating skills used to guide council decision making.

Serving on Council (2 days)


Serving on Council is designed to give council members the confidence to perform their role. This course will provide council members with an understanding of their role and responsibilities in leading and supporting their communities while following the processes and procedures of their Local Government.

Understanding Financial Reports and Budgets


Understanding Financial Reports and Budgets is designed to provide council members with the understanding of a council’s responsibility in respect to the financial governance of the local government.

The course outlines the linkage between Strategic Planning, Asset Management Planning and Long Term Financial Planning so participants gain an understanding of the benefits of undertaking financial forecasting and the impacts key decision making may have on the organisation’s financial health.  This course will educate participants on the how to review and interpret financial reports and budgets.

Understanding Local Government (Face to Face)


The Understanding Local Government course provides council members with the relevant information they require to serve as a council member. It is expected the unit provides participants with an understanding of the composition, structure and operational functions of government, and in particular Western Australian Local Governments.

Council Member Essentials


The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) has selected WALGA as an Approved Training Provider for the development, delivery and management of the Council Member Essentials  program for Elected Members.

This training program consists of all five of WALGA's Stage One training courses that all newly Elected Members will be required to complete within 12 months of being elected.