Council Member Essentials

Conflicts of Interest (Face to Face)


As a community leader and ‘voice of the community’ you are expected to make objective, unbiased decisions on matters affecting the whole community.

As an Elected Member you have a statutory obligation to declare any interests you have, or are perceived to have, that may influence those decisions.

This valuable course outlines financial, indirect financial, proximity and impartiality interest; disclosure of interests at meetings; and the association between gifts and conflicts of interest.

It provides an overview of the statutory environment relating to declarations of interest and clarifies, through case studies, the personal responsibilities of Council Members to comply with their obligations.

Meeting Procedures


Participating effectively in meetings is a critical aspect of being a Council Member - meetings are said to be the ‘bread and butter’ of your role.

You will learn to analyse and interpret information, as well as gain valuable insight in how to collaborate with other Council Members to make informed strategic decisions.

This course focuses on providing comprehensive knowledge of how to be fully prepared for a meeting, meeting procedures and high- level debating techniques

Serving on Council (2 days)


This comprehensive course will help you gain the confidence to perform your role on Council more effectively.

It has been specifically developed to address the unique skills and knowledge requirements of Elected Members.

Building on the information from the first two modules, this course delves deeper into what is involved in serving your community in a Local Government environment and performing as an effective team member on Council.

It recognises both internal and external influences on Councillors, how to develop and maintain strategic relationships, the necessity to perform your role in a due diligence framework and how to contribute effectively to high level strategic decision making.

Understanding Financial Reports and Budgets


Council Members encounter ongoing pressure to be fully across their Council’s financial decisions and responsibilities.

More often than not Council Members will be urged to reduce rates, while keeping services to a high level and at the same time keep the spending down!

This course aims to provide practical understanding on how to review and interpret financial reports and budgets, as well as monitor revenue and expenditure.

Course material will outline the linkage between Strategic Planning, Asset Management Planning and Long Term Financial Planning.

You will be able to understand and discuss the benefits of undertaking financial forecasting and see how the impacts of key decision making may have on the organisation’s financial health.

Understanding Local Government (Face to Face)


In this important foundation course, we will assist you in your transition from private citizen to Councillor.

You will gain valuable information and a greater understanding of your role and responsibilities, and Local Government protocols and procedures to help you fulfil your duties competently.

Importantly, you will gain an overview of how the Local Government Act 1995 frames the systems and processes involved in the institution of Local Government.

Council Member Essentials


The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) has selected WALGA as an Approved Training Provider for the development, delivery and management of the Council Member Essentials  program for Elected Members.

This training program consists of all five of WALGA's Stage One training courses that all newly Elected Members will be required to complete within 12 months of being elected.